donna reed by austin Fitzgerald

donna reed was born january, 27, 1921 denison iowa USA
she was a successful actor in collage and as an adult she had her own show called the donna reed show. People liked it so much they put it on dvd and sold it. People have a thing called theater worship. At theater worship they have meting about famous actors and actresses. She grew up as a farm girl. She was paid 5$ a week. She was marred to tony owen.
How she got to be a actress was they say she was really good at acting holly wood gave her a scholarship. She had 4 kids. She really carried about her family. She broke up with her husband. Later she got married to Carl Blitz he died.
Donna Reed went to hollywood when she was a teenager. With her first husband they had four kids.I do not know if her kids are famous or not? They put her in a heritage museum. The end
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