Early homes in Iowa
They were made of sod and had dirt floors.
They didn't use wood because they also needed that for fire wood and fenceing.
So they used sod; the benfits of that is it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Sod House

Railroads affectance
It affected them by
more people came to Iowa to work
and it earned them money.

France, Spain and the Netherlands planted colonies in what is now the United States, the

English came in the largest numbers. Eventually, Spain, France and the Netherlands lost

control of their lands. English law, customs and language became the basis for American


Roles of men, woman, and children on the prairie
For the women and girls in the house, childcare, sewing,cooking tasks, and cooked extra meals for threshers.
And out side they planted and tended the garden, took care of chickens, picked and preserved fresh berries, canned grapes, made cheese, husked corn.
To earn money she churned and sold butter, trimmed hats, and raised and sold over 100 turkeys a year.

For the men, men and boys worked outside building fences, digging wells, planting and harvesting fields are normal for them.

School for pioneer children
They didn't learn much because there was more than one room. They went to school until they were in 8th grade. They had to write right handed. They did simple and short classes for all grades.They would have benches for the present class and the teacher would assign home work for the grades that were waiting for their turn to learn the lesson of the day.
The kids took days off of school to help in the fields, and chores. Their recess consisted of racing, playing tag, and catching the baseball.
iowa people

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