Fred Hoiberg


Hi my name is Tyler Hammen, and i’m going to tell you about Fred
Hoiberg. Fred Hoiberg was born on October 15 1972 in Nebraska, his recent age is 38. Fred Hoiberg grew up in Ames Iowa. He played basketball for the Iowa State Cyclones. He graduated from Iowa State in 1995. He got drafted to the NBA, he played for the Pacers, Timberwolves, and Bulls. After he was done he came back to Iowa State and was the head coach for the Iowa State Cyclones. He only has one year of experience coaching for the Iowa Sate Cyclones .

When he played in the NBA, he played guard. He played 10 years of basketball. Most NBA players play at least 2000 minutes, Fred Hoiberg ranked seventh in the league for fewest turnovers, making only 74 mistakes in 2247 minutes. He was named king of the free throws, he made 252 out of 253 free throws. His height is 6-4 and his weight is 203 LBS.

Fred Hoiburg has four children, one daughter three sons, His wife's name is Carol. Fred Hoiburg is a native of Ames, so as his wife Carol. Fred Hoiburg played for the Cyclones from 1991-1992 to 1994-1995, the first three seasons for coach Johnny Orr and the final year for Tim Floyd. He earned the all American and the academic all American award. As an NBA guard, he scored 2,944 in 10 years from 1995 -1996 to 2004-2005. He played four seasons each for Indianapolis and Chicago and the final two for Minnesota. Fred Hoiburg worked for the Minnesota Timberwolves in the front office. In 2009 he was named vice president of basketball operations. His nickname is the mayor. He got his nickname when he received a write-in vote for the mayors race in Ames. In 1991 Fred Hoiburg was named Iowa’s Mr. Basketball. Also in 1991 he was named Gatorade player of the year in Iowa, in basketball and football.
Fred Hoiburg is a famous Iowan and hopefully he will be a Cyclone forever.