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The Marquette and Joliet expedition were the first Europeans to visit Iowa. They came ashore on the west bank of the Mississippi farther downstream and met

some Illinois Indians. The men continued down the Mississippi until they were certain that the river flowed into the Gulf of Mexico and not the Pacific Ocean.

In the 1780s a Frenchman named Julien Dubuque learned that there were rich deposits of lead ore on the west side of the Mississippi near Prairie Du Chien,

Wisconsin. Lead was valuable because it was used to make ammunition for guns and cannons. Dubuque set up lead mines near the location of the city that

bears his name The Mesquakie Indians owned the land. In exchange for gifts the Mesquakie allowed Dubuque to live among them and to mine the ore.

France and Great Britain had a great rivalry. They started to battle in the western hemisphere. The British were beating the French so they gave their claim to



The government bought it from the French in the Louisiana Purchase. Louis and Clark explored the area that we now call Iowa. Lewis and Clark and their team

thought it was safe. They came back to the leader and told him it was safe, then he made Iowa a state.

Louis,Clark, and Charles Floyd who was a sergeant. They went through the mouth of Montana. Then the ventured to Iowa and explored it.