Billy Sunday
By: Hannah Smith

Billy Sunday was a Christian baseball player. Then a evangelist. he also had a busy life as a kid.

Billy Sunday was a famous christian baseball player. He played third base. His professional baseball career began with the Chicago White Stockings in 1883; he moved to the Pittsburgh Pirates, and in 1890, to the Philadelphia Athletics, where he was batting 261 and had stolen 84 bases when he quit. When he quit he became a evangelist.

Billy Sunday had a busy life especially when he was a kid. Billy Sunday was born on November 19th in Ames Iowa in 1862, and in the same year his father died on December 22nd. In 1883 on May 22 he started his first baseball career playing with the Chicago White Stockings. In 1886 Sunday led to the Lord by Mrs. Sarah at the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago. The next year Sunday Coaches baseball, and proposes to Helen Amelia Thompson. In the year 1889 his daughter Helen Sunday was born. Then in 1892 his son George Sunday was born. October 27 Sunday preaches his last sermon, at First Methodist Church, Mishawaka, Indiana; 44 people respond. that same year Billy Sunday died of a heart attack.

As You can see Billy Sunday was a cool man. He was a BaseBall player, a Christian, and a evangelist. He had a busy life as a kid. Well that is a little a about him, but not a lot!

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