Kyran,Cody, Brian, Sal, Elizabeth, Madison, Marjorie, Sebastain Q.

What can I do in Iowa? Why would someone want to move here? Why would someone come to Iowa for a vacation?
you can go to the capital and iowa hall of pride.
Someone would like to move to iowa, because you could visit the Iowa hall of pride and get tours at the Iowa Capital. They can have fresh sweet corn and a very nice sunset, and just beautiful land.
kyran.jpega roller coaster at adventure land (the dragon) is a big attraction. Iowa Hall of Pride isUnknown-1.jpeg an attraction because it has a lot ofhistory and evenabout famous people.
council bluffs,Iowa has a remarkable area of things to do with one of the richest historys in the country.

the Effigy mounds is a historic park that has brids and flowers and other stuff like more than 200 mounds.
iowa unerversty has very nice gardens and a really good college.
Blank Park Zoo manages 49 acres of land. Of that, 22 acres have been developed into animal exhibits or facilities. Currently there are 104 different animal.
The Foundation is a neutral, non-partisan facilitator of dialogue that builds community and resolves issues.
The wapsipinicon river flows though parts of iowa and the begaing of the missippi river.
The wigerert fram is a very old fram that can give you a tour!