Cap Anson is a famous baseball player that came from Iowa.
He played for the Chicago Cubs, New York Giants, and Philadelphia Athletics. He plays C, OF, 1st, 2nd, 3B, base, SS, and P. Cap Anson led the Chicago Cubs to five National League pennants while serving as the team's player-manager.
He was born in Marshalltown Iowa on April 17 1852. Adrian Constantine Anson was born on April 17, 1852 in Marshalltown, Iowa, a town founded by his father. Anson didn’t like schoolwork. Knowing he wanted to be a ballplayer at an early age, Anson served as the second baseman for his hometown team, the Marshalltown Stars, by the time he was 15. With his father playing third base, and his older brother Sturgis in center field, the team won the Iowa state championship in 1868.
Two years later, the Forest City team of Rockford, Illinois, a good minor-league team, came to Marshalltown for a two-game matchup against the Local Nine. The visitors won both games, Adrian Anson impressed the opposition enough to prompt Forest City to offer him a contract.
Anson opened the 1871 with his new team. Anson the 19-year-old hit .325 that year, before signing with the Philadelphia Athletics. At the end of the session, Anson spent the next four seasons with Philadelphia, playing at first and third base. While himself as one of the team's best hitters. In 1874. Manager Harry Wright of the Boston Red Stockings led his team on a mid-season trip to England that featured a series of exhibition games between the two teams. During the three-week tour, Anson became friend with Boston's star pitcher Albert Spalding. That ended up impacting the remainder of his career. In 1874,
When the 1888 season concluded, White Stockings president Albert Spalding took his team and a lot of star players from other National League teams on a ball playing tour around the world. During the six-month trip, the two squads played tournaments games in Egypt, Ceylon, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. The tour proved to be the high-point of Anson’s life, with his account of the journey taking up nearly half of the biography he later wrote.
Anson died on April 14, 1922, just before his 70th birthday. He was barred in Oak Wood Cemetery in chicago

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By Cody Voss