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This chart shows what happen in the years of Territory to state for Iowa.
Information about Iowa as a territory or a state
Iowa was included in the newly formed Territory of Missouri.
Congress attached the area to the Territory of Michigan for governmental purposes.
Congress created the Territory of Wisconsin, which included Iowa, Minnesota, and most of the Dakotas.
Congress created the Territory of Iowa.
Iowa became the 29th state on December 28.

In 1844 voted that it should be a state. On October, 1844 they met at Iowa City in one of the rooms of the rooms of the new capitol building. They in 1846 it finally became a state.

Until the population was 5,000 voters region was a district. When the population reach 5,000 the settlers could elect their own legislature. This area was called a territory. Some of the voters thought it was time to make Iowa a state, But to have a state you need to have a constitution telling what the boundaries are, who the officer are, and how to make the laws. But some of the southern members of Congress did not want Iowa to become a state. Seventy-two men were chosen to come up with a constitution for Iowa. Then the Congress finally they came up with the constitution and the boundaries.

They did not object strongly to slavery where it existed in the south, but they did not want to live next to slaves or complete with slave labor, they worked together to try not to live next to slaves. Also people did not want to see their tax bills increase. As long as Iowa was a territory. The federal government paid the cost of much of the government. If Iowa became a state the settlers' taxes would pay for much of Iowa's government.

This is the proposed boarder of Iowa and how the wanted it. They wanted it to be that was so that it followed the Mississippi River.

Iowa originally proposed boarder for the state that made Iowa larger than it is today! Representative of north western Iowa wanted a smaller boarder for Iowa.

The Honey War is the war about the boarders between Iowa and Missouri. The honey war was between Iowa and Missouri. The Iowans thought that their boarder was further south. The Missourians thought their boarder was further north. Missouri government agreed to the northern boundary line. The honey war was not really a fighting was. There were no shots and no lives were lost.