Hi, I am going to talk about Cody. People call him buffalo bill. I am going to talk when and were he was born, were he died, what he did, and how he got his nickname buffalo bill.

Buffalo Bill Cody was born in Scott County Iowa on February 26, 1846. He was the biggest baby in the family. He died on January 10, 1917. He was burried in colorado. Buffalo Bill Cody was alive for about 70 years.

In 1860 Buffalo Bill joined the Pony Express. It had advertised for the skinny, expert riders willing to risk death daily. During the civil war, Cody served first as a union scout in campaigns against the Kiowa and Comanche. Then in 1863 with the Seventh Kansas Cavarly, witch action in Missouri and Tennesse, and he explored Yellowstone National Park.

Cody is skilled buffalo hunter and thats how he gained his nickname “Buffalo Bill.” He was so good at hunting buffalo that amost every indian knew who he was. The idians gave him bones from left over buffalo, and arrows for some of his food.

Buffalo Bill has been all of the west. In fact he was one of the most popular cowboys in the west. His favorite three place were Utah, Montana, and Colorado. When he lived in Iowa he thought that Iowa was the best place ever, until he went to the west. He found out that there were many buetiful mountains and lakes.

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