Abigail Van Buren & Ann Landers By: Addie 5A

Abigail Van Buren was born in 1918 on July 4 in Sioux City, IA. Ann Landers, her sister and she was born the same day as her because they are twins. Abigail and Ann were both columnists. A columnist is like a writer, she has a newspaper that she writes a topic on and then people write there problems in it then Abigail and Ann write back.

Dear Abby is the name of the notable advice column founded in 1956 Pauline Phillips, under the pen name, Abigail Van Buren and carried on today by her daughter, Jeanne Phillips, who now owns the legal right to the pen name. According to Pauline Phillips, she came up with the pen name, Abigail Van Buren, by combining the name of biblical figure, Abigail in the Book of Samuel, with the last name of former U.S President Martin Van Buren. The column was syndicated by McNaught Syndicate from 1956 until 1966, when it moved to Universal Press Syndicate. Abby commands a client list of about 1,400 newspapers worldwide, and daily readership of more than 110 million people. Abigail use to receive more than 10,000 letters and emails per week. More than 80 percent of the correspondence she receives comes from readers between 18 and 49.

Abigail got married and had two kids, a boy and a girl. Her husbands name is Moron Phillips. Her kids names were, Edward Jay and Etta Jeanne Phillips. Ann got married and had one daughter. Her husbands name was Julius Lederer, and her daughter’s name was Margo Howard. Their mom and dad are Abraham Freidman and Rebecca Rushall. Their family’s religion was Jewish.

Abigail was married twice. She was first married to Moron Philips and then to Martin Van Buren. Ann Landers was only married once.


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